Let’s stop PFAS contamination

It is little talked about, if at all, but PFAS contamination is widespread in Italy and is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible. Our health, that of our children and grandchildren, and of nature depend on it.

PFAS contamination, but what is it?

PFAS are chemicals that can impart hydrophobicity and oleophobicity to materials. In this way, materials processed with these substances will be able to resist liquids. The problem is that these substances are highly polluting and to this day there is no law banning their use or at least controlling them. They are persistent in the environment because of their chemical stability, which is why they are commonly called “eternal pollutants.

The real problem with PFASs is that they are also able to survive without problems in our bodies. They are particularly dangerous during pregnancy, as they are transmitted to foetuses, like any nutrient. There are documented cases of children born with PFAS in their blood. However, every person in Italy and Europe is exposed to PFAS, including through food. Now is the time to act!

Let’s fight PFAS together

This is why INSO has chosen to welcome with open arms GreenPeace‘s signature collection campaign, which aims to bring the Italian Government to ban PFAS in Italy and, above all, to comply with existing European Directives (which, however, will only come into force in Italy in 2026), specifically European Directive 2020/2184.

More and more European countries are calling for a ban, Italy’s turn has come too!

Sign the GreenPeace campaign and be part of the change, be the change.


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