Associations fighting against mental manipulation

As technology continues to improve and Artificial Intelligence advances, there are more and more risks to which we expose ourselves. Information is the basis for protecting ourselves.

Associations against Mental Manipulation

More and more associations around the world are fighting against Mind Manipulation. By reconstructing facts and studying documents, they inform the population of the risks they run every day. Everything for now moves under the radar, the news is hard to find and hidden on the web. The secret agencies involved in experimenting and fielding Mind Manipulation do their best to hide any information they can.

However, more and more associations are working day and night to bring to light the technologies, which already exist, that enable the manipulation of people. The more information is brought to light, the more it will be possible for people to rebel against these situations. Mental Manipulation must not be a tool left in the hands of secret agencies. Any tool that allows manipulation must be regulated and, if necessary, banned.

Personal freedom must never be affected, especially not without the knowledge of the victim. Knowledge is the basis of everything.

Associations and useful links

Thanks to these associations, whose ideas we at INSO support, you will be able to shed light on the world of Mental Manipulation. You can deepen your knowledge and shed light on what you do not yet know. They are associations from all over the world, you can read news in different languages and you can also go to meetings organised by the associations.

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