Build With Us Future World


Due to climate change, i.e. environmental destruction, many people no longer have a guaranteed future.

Goal - To enable people from all over the world to work together with INSO to create a future for the entire population. Clarify what happened in history that led us to have no future.

Information Network

Since knowledge has disappeared, we need to create a network to find the lost knowledge. Furthermore, we need a common information network worldwide for future cooperation.

Goal - Better access to information for people means better sharing of information. Even better ways to get information from a DIB, Data Information Bank, to which everyone will have access.


The learning system is obsolete, so schools need to be re-evaluated. With global cooperation, a common school system can and must be created.

Goal - Reform the world education system with the goal of improving the quality of life of the world's people. With the right education, wars and crime can be eliminated. Life expectancy is increasing, better career opportunities and a more fulfilling life.


We have a global crisis that is being exacerbated by our destructive actions against the planet.

Goal - Pointing out new job opportunities through global cooperation to tackle the impending climate catastrophe. It is also about working on a joint 'Future World' project.


The living space on our planet has become too small for human beings. As there are more and more people, it seems no longer worth living there, yet we must respect nature and control the destructive construction that increasingly damages the world around us.

Goal - Renovating people's entire living space. Building a global circular economy. Show the design of the ecological planet.


Ecosystems are being increasingly damaged. In the near future there will be no more biodiversity on our planet if we do not stop this.

Goal - Preservation of ecosystems, as there is less and less biodiversity on Earth. Finding a boundary to prevent further destruction. Creating new corridors linking ecosystems for wildlife.


We do not make proper use of the precious resources that nature gives us every day. In the near future, some non-renewable resources will no longer be available to us.

Goal - Finding control for future generations. Planning resources for our future global project.


Hemp cultivation for sustainable soil improvement and organic farming. The hemp plant is not only the most useful plant in the world, hemp, for example, is also a potential climate saviour and, if used correctly, can also significantly reduce global warming, climate crises and soil degradation.

Goal - Amendment of the 1937/USA law that started the prohibition (Marihuana Tax Act) against the trade, use and cultivation of hemp worldwide. Prohibition increased with the 1961 UN ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp. Use for worldwide cultivation with all its potential also for medicine.


Even today, many people die for lack of livelihood. With today's financial possibilities, this should no longer happen. Since a comprehensive social structure is still lacking today, these people have no chance of survival. Climate change increases the poverty of those who are already poor.

Goal - Building a comprehensive social structure that guarantees the basic needs of every individual.


The health of us humans is becoming increasingly critical due to the destruction of the environment.

Goal - Stabilisation for a better quality of life and long life.


There is no common culture that unites us all. Few are interested in cultural affairs these days.

Goal - Building a common global culture.