Build With Us Future World

INSO was born from an idea more than 20 years ago. A dream that over time has become something more and more real and necessary. The future that awaits us is less rosy than expected, but we are capable of doing something, if we all unite and work together!

INSO is a non-profit organisation, which aims to build a bridge to the future. That is why our logo, our symbol, recalls a Star of the Winds, the guide that still today helps navigators navigate the different winds. INSO aims to guide towards a better future, which we will build together in this present!

The abbreviation INSO stands for: International Natural Social Organisation. We are an Organisation that aims to create a better Natural and Social situation, internationally. If we all unite, our World will thank us!

The main aim of INSO is to stop the natural catastrophe that awaits us, creating World Peace and directing us all together towards a common project, capable of creating the Future World. We want, all together, to leave a positive mark of our passage, giving Future Generations a World to love and respect!

Our organisation is impartial and we only pursue our goal in consultation with scientists and experts. Of course, anyone can take part in the project, integrating and helping out. Our goal is not to discriminate against anyone, but to eliminate all forms of prejudice. The door is open to everyone who wants to save our World and the many peoples who live in it. Time is running out, we must look for the fastest possible way to implement our project in order to stop the impending climate catastrophe.

You are welcome to join our organisation, together we can improve our present and our future.

Let's Build the Future World Together

INSO's goal is to preserve the habitat of people, flora and fauna throughout the world. In addition, our organisation wants to expand the living space for living beings on this Planet as the population grows. We can also dream and think about colonising other Planets, but we still cannot avoid preserving our Earth as best we can. Thanks to this, we will be able to colonise other Planets while maintaining the biodiversity of our Planet, our first home. With the possibilities given to us by today's technology and the world's economic power, this is possible. If we unite, all together, we can provide security for our children and the generations to come.

INSO wants to create a World where everyone can live freely with equal opportunities, where crime is reduced as much as possible, where we age healthily, where there is enough work for everyone and where everyone can live a full and fulfilling life. Freedom, Health, Work and Life are the four building blocks of a fundamental human reason, which this organisation embraces as a fundamental social aspect to advance the individual.

There are fewer and fewer years left before we take the Earth down the path of destruction, due to all the irreversible and irreparable damage we have caused in years past and present. We must, at the most difficult time, all do our best to contain the worst damage. Because of the environmental disasters that are increasingly imminent, the people who will be affected will lose their jobs and be environmental refugees. This is already happening today, we must stop this. We get sick more easily because of environmental degradation and pollution that affects the whole world. With our unhealthy behaviour we are putting the entire world population at risk, we will reach a point where only a few of the Plant and Animal World will have survived.

But we still have the opportunity to work together globally to stop this and to create a healthy future for us, for flora, for fauna and for our Planet. Our Future World Project does not yet exist, but thanks to the creation of this organisation and the people who believe in it, we can do something. Our organisation will serve as a link between the different organisations that deal with every environmental aspect. Our every strength will be focused on achieving World Peace, because we can all cooperate and collaborate.

It will be possible to collaborate with our organisation from all parts of the world, opening us up to unprecedented opportunities. We will have the opportunity to intervene in world affairs and change our World in a sustainable way. It will be the first time in human history. There are no precedents. We will all benefit from the positive effects of this cooperation.

The human energies activated through cooperation would make us strong to resist environmental disasters. At the same time, we will be able to plan our future with foresight to avoid further disasters and shape the environment as we wish.