Ivy a silent invasion

Ivy always appeared to me as a possible friend. I had no idea that behind it hid a dangerous secret for all of us….

Ivy and its expansion

A few years ago, I don’t remember exactly when, I began to notice that ivy was spreading more and more. I was already familiar with ivy from Germany, and I must say that in a way it has always fascinated me. I always liked to see it climbing on walls. Since I was already thinking about our environment at the time, I associated it with protecting the environment. I thought that with ivy you could make green building facades that would be beautiful to look at and at the same time give oxygen. I thought it would be a good oxygen regulator to curb environmental pollution. Meanwhile, I know that death comes in the long run when ivy spreads everywhere. Years ago I tried to convey this information in Italy. I exposed it and explained it to everyone I know. For this I was also with the Legambiente group in Torre Pellice (TO). I reported what I noticed in connection with ivy. I also became a member with this group and was hoping for help.

Unfortunately, at the time, I had serious health problems that slowed me down in my efforts to pursue this argument. My health problems forced me to forget about this discovery I had made for a while. I was so caught up in my own problems that I could not pursue this issue further. But since my health is now better again and I have greater environmental awareness, I see this issue in front of me again.

With increased walking, which I do again, it cannot be overlooked that ivy is rampant everywhere. I would now like to make this issue public again. I would like to open people’s eyes to how dangerous ivy can become and what it means to people, flora and fauna if it spreads uncontrollably. The reason I am taking the ivy issue seriously now is because I am concerned about this spread. Especially in the region where I live it is spreading more and more. It is frightening to see how this plant is multiplying more and more. I worry because I see more and more plant species being displaced and becoming extinct where ivy is dominant.

The biodiversity of plants that I am used to seeing when I walk my dog is disappearing everywhere, while ivy is growing more and more. Whether it’s trees, walls and lampposts, but also everywhere on the ground, more and more ivy. To this day, people have not realized that this plant is invading our whole territory and poses a threat to our biological balance. This is the reason why I decided to research this plant and bring people to get this plant under control before it further destroys our biodiversity and thus causes an environmental catastrophe.

Since I am a positive thinking person, I wonder why and why this plant has spread so well and I probably understood today. I now know that ivy is nature’s self-defense program. Its exponential growth is caused by pollution and poor oxygen levels. Trees can no longer do their job as oxygen donors and so she appears. That is why the distribution of this plant is particularly in northern Europe, where industries are concentrated. Because of environmental pollution here in Italy, especially in the Po Valley from Milan to Udine, it is also widespread as far as I know. For trees, ivy is a protection because they are stressed by pollution. Because the trees are no longer able to provide the oxygen content needed for the environment, ivy appears. The problem is that if the pollution continues and the ivy spreads, all the other plants around die. This means knock out.

Ivy and its different aspects

There is controversy about this plant, one side talks about a danger to our forests, the other side talks about an ecological function for our land. The fact is that the landscape will change permanently, and in the long run, life where ivy is dominant will be impossible for people and nature. Therefore, it is necessary to understand which aspects are positive and which are negative. We will do this together in the next article devoted to Ivy and its invasion!

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