Biodiversity Balance

For our World to be in perfect balance, she is necessary: Biodiversity. Perfect balance can only be achieved by respecting nature and consciously living with it.

Everything has its place in the world

Nature has always balanced itself. Where there are mosquitoes there are frogs, and where grass grows free there are herbivorous animals. A perfect balance of give and take, with nothing ever out of place. Until the Industrial Age, when man began to expand more and more and lose contact with nature. Being in balance with nature means being aware of what is around us and its harmony.

If a particular animal is present in a particular place, it is because it is right to be there. This does not mean that we cannot live with it or that we cannot protect ourselves from it, it just means that we have to remember that this World is not just ours. It’s fine to live in large apartment buildings in the center of town, but let’s not forget to put a pot of pollen flowers on the balcony for the bees that live in the small park a few steps away. Living next to a forest is magical, but let’s remember that animals are curious and might come into the garden to poke around! Let’s make it safe, for us and for them.

Biodiversità Scoiattoloegirasole

Because too often we forget how fear is mutual. If you pet a dog trembling, because you are afraid of it, he will easily growl, because he senses danger in you. Humans are able to communicate with words, but animals cannot. They use gestures and smells, to try to best understand what is happening around them. And those who love animals know very well that not all animals use the same language! Let’s think of dogs and cats: if dogs wag their tails it is because they are happy, if a cat moves its tail quickly it is because something is wrong and it is getting nervous!

Regaining the perfect balance with nature

That is why it is crucial that we humans begin to understand nature and its messages again so that we can restore perfect harmony. Biodiversity is essential for our World to continue to live. And we, unfortunately, are often the third wheel! And that is why we need to rediscover nature and the typical fauna of each place, so that we can reestablish it and be able to respect it, finally!

Unfortunately, because of the extinction of some species in some places, it will be difficult to return to the past. But we can do our best to respect the places we have not yet “destroyed” with our passage by taking small precautions. Let us regain our balance with nature and allow it to put everything back in its place.

Biodiversità Apeefiore

Biodiversity and balance: let’s respect nature

Every small gesture can make a difference, especially since every small gesture can be the impetus for someone else to make the same choice. We can be the drop in the ocean that transforms all the others! It is difficult, even we at INSO are more than aware of this, but if we unite we can win this battle. We can win it together with nature and return to living in perfect harmony.

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